Podcast Survey

A Conversation About the Value of Art-Making as a Means to Build Community

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Please respond to as many of the following questions as you like. The sub-questions are provided as way to get you thinking about the topic. I want to get your unique viewpoint on art's impact on our communities.

Question 1: How do you choose to interact with your community?

--Do you schedule family outings regularly?
--Do you attend local town halls?
--Do you volunteer for local organizations or non-profits?
--Do you work in a community organization?
--Do you belong to any clubs or civic organizations?
--Do you participate in any sports or performance groups?
--How do you meet and interact with people beyond your home and workplace?

Question 2: Are the arts important? Why or why not?

--What role do the arts play in your life?
--Can you give an example to illustrate the importance (or lack of importance) of art in your life?
--Why should people support the arts?
--Or, why should people not support the arts?
--If you are a parent, do you (or did you) want your children to participate in the arts? Why or why not?
--If the arts are important, are they important to everyone? Why or why not?

Question 3: How do you choose to consume art?

--What types of art interest you? Music? Visual Art? Theater? Dance?
--How much media do you consume in an average month?
--How often do you attend arts-related activities? What types?
--How much money do you spend on art in a typical month?
--What types of art do you pay for?
--How much art do you consume online? On what platforms?
--Do you belong to any arts organizations?

Question 4: How can the arts improve community?

--How can communities engage in art?
--What is the difference between consuming art personally and consuming it communally? Is there anything special in particular about communal art-making?
--What are the benefits of arts education?
--Can you give examples of ways in which arts improves your community? (Or does it not improve your community?)
--How can art impact social and political issues?
--How can art improve human connection?

Bonus: What do you want to add to this conversation? What's missing? If you feel like sharing more, make a recording about what other topics this survey makes you think about!